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Epic teams with Sony to bring Aloy to Fortnite

Deepening ties
Epic teams with Sony to bring Aloy to Fortnite

Epic Games has further cemented its partnership with Sony, adding PlayStation icon Aloy into Fortnite.

As detailed in a blog update, Aloy will become available in the battle royale from April 15th.

Alongside the Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist, items from the PlayStation 4 title will also be added to Fortnite.

Such items include Aloy's spear pickaxe, shield-weaver wrap and a glinthawk glider. A new heart-rizon emote will also be made available. However, there is an exclusive skin for PlayStation 5 players.

Aloy made her games debut in 2017 and is set to return in the upcoming sequel, Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West.

Over the horizon

This isn't the first time that Epic has introduced a PlayStation character to Fortnite.

In 2020, the God of War himself, Kratos, was added to the battle royale.

Moreover, Sony is a strong backer of Epic, having invested $450 million, including $200m as part of themost recent $1 billion funding round.