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Fortnite revenue dominated by PlayStation at 47%, iOS just 7%

Android, Switch and PC make up 19 per cent
Fortnite revenue dominated by PlayStation at 47%, iOS just 7%

Battle royale behemoth Fortnite only makes seven per cent of its revenue from iOS players its been revealed.

This information was confirmed in a number of court documents (via The Verge), ahead of the Epic Games versus Apple trial that is due to begin May 3rd, 2021.

PlayStation 4 was the highest source of income from player spending in Fortnite at 47 per cent of all total revenue from March 2018 through July 2020.

Xbox One users generated the second-highest share of revenue during the same period at 27.5 per cent.

Across all platforms, iOS placed in fifth position with its seven per cent share.

Although, it should be noted that earlier this month it was confirmed in further court documents that the title accumulated over $700 million from iOS customers alone in the two years before it was taken down by Apple in August 2020.

Players across Android, Nintendo Switch and PC accounted for the remaining 18.7 per cent of revenue.

Switching from iOS

Following Fortnite's launch on Nintendo Switch in June 2018, it was noted how consumers switched between iOS and the handheld/console hybrid once it was introduced to the latter platform.

"There was [a] significant decrease in the percentage of time these consumers spent playing Fortnite on iOS, as well as a significant percentage decrease in the revenue generated by these consumers through purchases made on iOS," an analysis by Apple expert Professor Hitt read in the court filing.

"These data demonstrate that consumers view the various game app platforms as substitutable, switching the platform through which they make purchases as new entrants join the market."

Epic Games former chief financial officer Joe Babcock also confirmed to lawyers in another deposition that iOS has always been the lowest or second-lowest source of money (if Android was included).


Last December, Epic Games implemented a subscription option to Fortnite for $9.99 a month, which undoubtedly has added to its revenue streams.

Another element that likely has incentivised Fortnite users to spend their time on PlayStation is the partnership between Sony and Epic that added Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn to the game.