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Explore the opportunities of in-play advertising with PGbiz RoundTable on 29 June

Discover how to monetise your game without disrupting player experience
Explore the opportunities of in-play advertising with PGbiz RoundTable on 29 June

The RoundTable series returns on Tuesday, June 29th with an exploration into the opportunities of in-play advertising, in association with Admix.

Is it possible to monetise your game without disrupting the player’s experience? Today, there’s a move away from traditional, intrusive ad formats, as developers look for new ways to make money from their games. Ambient placements are a player-friendly way to drive new revenue using the backgrounds and objects within games – from hypercasual favourites to metaverse blockbusters, the opportunities for in-game branding have never been better.

In this expert RoundTable, we explore the challenges and opportunities of non-intrusive, immersive ad formats, and share case studies, advice and best practice tips for how to make the most of this exciting new ad landscape.

What are the trends in ad formats? Why do gamers prefer non-intrusive ads to more traditional formats? What sort of games is this suited to? What are brands and advertisers looking for? How easy is it to implement ambient in-game ads in your project?

In this expert panel, chaired by Admix VP partnerships Paul West, you'll get answers to those questions and more.

We’ll bring you all the details about the speakers very soon, but for now, save the date and book your free place today.

About our partners

Launched in late 2018, Admix helps monetise more than 300 games of all sizes and has raised more than $10 million in VC funding. Admix pioneered In-Play, a new monetisation solution enabling game developers to monetise via data-driven product placements inside the gameplay.

Think replacing an in-game billboard with a real-life advert – it generates revenue for the developer in an advertiser-friendly way but is as non-intrusive as a real-life billboard on a walk through a city. Admix in-play ads offer a non-intrusive, no code game monetisation solution that puts player experience first, available for Unity and Unreal Engine.

Mobile developers using the platform include Reality Clash and Fumb Games. Visit this site to find more content such as developer case studies.