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Be the first to see an exclusive reveal of the Top 50 Mobile Game Makers 2021

Who are the movers and shakers in mobile gaming? Find out this September
Be the first to see an exclusive reveal of the Top 50 Mobile Game Makers 2021
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Who are the movers and shakers in the mobile games space?

Find out on Tuesday, September 1st at the Top 50 Mobile Game Makers 2021 where the experts at, the leading mobile games industry media, will reveal their take on the top 50 studios, creators and publishers in the mobile gaming world.

We often unveil the Top 50 list during an invite-only dinner at a swanky international venue. But this year (for unsurprising reasons), the event will take place completely online, meaning more people get a chance to see it and take part.

And to fully embrace the best in the business, we're including a few talks and panels to make the afternoon a proper must-see affair, with knowledge sharing as well as celebration.

What is the Top 50 Mobile Game Makers?

Now in its 12th year, the Top 50 Mobile Game Makers list covers development studios of any size and publishers who bring those games to the players. The list itself is compiled by the editorial experts with additional help from industry insiders.

It also takes into account lobbying submissions from companies themselves. It is not simply a list of who's made the most money (although that is taken into account), but an authoritative guide to the movers and shakers in the games industry's most vibrant sector based on multiple key criteria.

The areas we evaluate include: financial performance over the last 12 months, quality and quantity of new games released, notable innovations, cultural impact made on the industry, and an estimation of the future potential of the company.

The first stage of the selection process was to invite suggestions and nominations from the industry, during a lobbying period. That ended at the end of July. Now it’s down to the core team to thrash their way through the swathes of data and insight and decide upon final positions.

An afternoon for the industry

The full list of afternoon activities has not yet been made public, but will start with speeches, then a panel or two, culminating in the Top 50 countdown itself. After the ceremony, the full list will be available to browse on

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Want to associate your brand with the world’s best game makers? The Top 50 Mobile Game Makers 2021 is the perfect place to do just that. Please contact or to find out how your company can get involved.