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Facebook claims Oculus brand isn't going anywhere

Follows confusing announcement from the social media giant
Facebook claims Oculus brand isn't going anywhere

Social media giant Facebook has provided some clarity about its announcement last week regarding its AR and VR business.

In an email to, the company's PR agency said that the Oculus name is still around. Facebook Reality Labs is now the overarching brand that's being used for the firm's augmented and virtual reality work.

"The Oculus brand isn’t going anywhere," a spokesperson said.

"Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) is an umbrella team name to capture the AR/VR work going on at Facebook to encompass the expansive work being done as Facebook builds the next computing platform to help people feel more present with each other, even when we’re apart."

The Oculus name is still being used for VR headsets and software, but the Zuckerberg-run social media giant has rebranded the Oculus Connect event to Facebook Connect.

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