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Fingersoft launches Lego Hillclimb Adventure into beta

As a spin-off from their lucrative Hillclimb Racing series, Fingersoft have secured the licence for Lego Hillclimb Adventures
Fingersoft launches Lego Hillclimb Adventure into beta
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Finnish mobile gaming studio Fingersoft have announced the latest instalment of their Hillclimb Racing franchise. And this next installment is a surprise deal with famous toy manufacturer Lego.

Lego Hillclimb Racing is set to be a spinoff from the main Hillclimb Racing franchise. Instead of employing the cartoonish 2D graphics of the original series, this spin-off is set to feature 3D graphics and characters made out of toy manufacturer Lego’s building blocks. The game is currently in open beta for selected locations.

The Hill Climb Racing series has previously seen major success for Fingersoft. Reaching both the game and the studio's ten-year anniversary in 2022. The IP has so far accounted for over two billion downloads and has encouraged the studio to explore another sequel after following up Hillclimb Racing with a successor in 2016. The studio also holds the distinction of their games being the second Finnish mobile gaming series to surpass one billion downloads, just behind global megastars Rovio and their Angry Birds franchise.

Physics-based fun and money

One of the most impressive gains here for Fingersoft is the acquisition of the Lego licence for this spin-off. Lego remains a popular and much-loved toy, but has also had an enduring presence in video games. Most famous of which being the Lego Star Wars series. Lego however does tend to be discerning about whom they work with in the interactive entertainment world, so it’s no small feat that the Hillclimb Racing IP was something they were willing to work with.

It also likely opens Hillclimb Racing to a whole new audience who will be attracted by the famous name. An audience that, ideally will then move onto the wider Hillclimb Racing franchise. With their latest mainline instalment Hillclimb Racing 3 already under development, Fingersoft doesn’t look set to give up on their winning franchise anytime soon.

We were previously able to speak to Director of Business Development at Fingersoft, Daniel Rantala, about the studio’s plans for their third game back in 2021. Discussing how they built their success and plans for the future at the time.