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Five horror games to get you in the Halloween spirit

Get spooky this weekend with these horror game recommendations!
Five horror games to get you in the Halloween spirit

What spooky games are we playing this year? As the season of the witch is upon us, homes are adorned with spooky decor and sweets sales skyrocket. We’re all gearing up for a spooky night come October 31st. Game enthusiasts are no different. We’re getting ready for a night filled with ghouls and thrills -- in horror games, that is.

Horror gaming experiences serve to not only entertain you in the moment and take you away from the mundane, but are also a wonderful way to get in the Halloween spirit. For those of us who are too old to go trick-or-treating and too young to take someone else trick-or-treating, there is nothing quite like a night in playing a great horror game. For those of you wanting to know what’s next in games, consider attending the most highly anticipated virtual conference for the mobile games industry, Pocket Gamer Connects Digital NEXT. Read on to bag yourself a 33% flash sale discount code!

In celebration of Halloween, we asked the PG Connects team about their favourite horror games across all platforms. These are some great options for you to consider if you are looking for some in-game frights this Halloween or, for you thrill-seeking gamers, any other time of the year as well.

Team-approved horror games

  1. F.E.A.R series
    The F.E.A.R. series is a first-person shooter survival horror game. This series has been praised for its horror elements and being genuinely frightening. A specifically scary character in the game is the main antagonist throughout, young psychic turned vengeful spirit Alma Wade. Although you can take on several different protagonist roles throughout the series, the bloodthirsty, paranormal antagonist stays the same.
  2. Back 4 Blood
    This online multiplayer first-person shooter could be considered a sequel to Left 4 Dead, with the developers being the creators of the original game and the gameplay being largely the same. This is another game where you are faced with undead mutants, or essentially zombies, and are challenged with surviving in a post-apocalyptic landscape. You get to choose between 8 characters in the primary game mode, each with different strengths and varied backstories to unlock.
  3. Doom
    In the mood to be a space marine fighting demons from Hell? For fans of the Hell-on-Earth premise, there is no better game than Doom. Widely considered to be one of the greatest games ever made, this video game has drawn controversy because of its highly graphic violence and demonic imagery. With the original game having been released in 1993, it has had many iterations since then, including continuations to the original storyline and reboots. If you are looking for a fast-paced action that will take you out of this world, Doom’s for you.
  4. MediEvil
    Need a bit of a break from the graphic guts and gore? MediEvil provides a playful, fun break to the serious horror of the other games on this list. This hack-and-slash game takes place in the medieval Kingdom of Gallowmere and focuses on Sir Daniel Fortesque. You play as him as he tries to stop an invasion of the kingdom with a number of weapons ranging from swords to crossbows. The entire game has a fun Halloween-influenced atmosphere that will get you in the mood to be spooked.
  5. Dying Light
    This first-person survival horror game is an open world with hellish zombies and is available across many platforms, including PS4, desktop and Switch. The gameplay is mostly weapons-based combat and parkour, and you can choose to fight your opponent or leave when faced with imminent danger. The imminent danger comes mostly at night, when the zombies are at their most threatening -- the game presents you with an immersive and dynamic day-night cycle. You can additionally enter multiplayer mode and enjoy this with your friends.

Now that you know our favourite horror games, let us know what your favourite horror games to play this season are! We are always keen to find new games to explore.

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Happy Halloween!