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Flaregames officially reveals brand-powered idle-RPG Nonstop Chuck Norris

Roundhouse kicking people in the face from late April
Flaregames officially reveals brand-powered idle-RPG Nonstop Chuck Norris

Flaregames has officially unveiled its upcoming game Nonstop Chuck Norris and is eyeing a late April release window.

The game is essentially a reskin of its popular idle-RPG title Nonstop Knight. Players will assume indirect control over Chuck Norris as he fights endless waves of enemies, earning loot and coins as he goes.

Nonstop Chuck Norris was soft-launched in Canada and the Philippines on December 8th 2016. This announcement is the first time flaregames has officially acknowledged its existence.

Pick up and play

"We want this to be a game that anyone can pick up and play, and one way we’ve approached this is by making the game playable offline, as well as having Chuck Norris fight even when players have turned off their phones," said Klaas Kersting, CEO of flaregames.

"It's just one way of bringing to life the immense energy that Chuck Norris has shown throughout his amazing career, which no normal person could ever compete with!"

Attaching brand power to the Nonstop Knight formula could prove a lucrative venture for flaregames. The original Nonstop Knight surpassed seven million downloads and helped make the publisher cash-flow positive.