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Now playing: Flaregames CEO Klaas Kersting on Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards

What games are keeping the industry busy after hours?
Now playing: Flaregames CEO Klaas Kersting on Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards
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Great games aren't created in a vacuum. 

Being successful in the games industry requires a strong understanding of the medium and the market, and playing lots of games is inevitably a part of this.

Given how crucial this can be for insight and inspiration and just how passionate this industry is, it's about time more people started openly talking about the games they play.

So will be regularly reaching out to key figures in the mobile games industry to ask them what game (other than their own) is currently keeping them busy after hours. You can view all entries here.

This time, it's Flaregames CEO Klaas Kersting with his playing habits in the spotlight. What mobile game (other than your own) are you currently playing the most?

Klaas Kersting: I’m currently spending a lot of time enjoying Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards, which is an awesome mash-up of all the characters from animation series like Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad and more.

How long have you been playing it, and do you see yourself continuing?

I’ve been playing the game since launch and I’ll definitely be continuing for sure.

What do you enjoy most about it?

It’s a compilation of some of my all-time favourite shows, so it’s hard for me not to enjoy!

The card collection and combination system is really addictive and fun, and there is great depth of gameplay when it comes to the multiple combos you can form each turn.

What does this game do that makes it especially unique and innovative?

It revives the memories of my favourite moments from these series, some of which I am still watching.

“It would've been more accessible with a hero collection approach rather than cards.”
Klaas Kersting

It’s a very clever mash-up that very seamlessly combines multiple different shows. Also, as I am still watching new episodes of these shows, it’s another way to keep me - as a fanboy - engaged with the franchises.

If you could change one thing about the game, what would it be?

I feel the game would've been more accessible if a hero collection approach had been chosen over the card-based model.

It would've made the core game more instantly understandable.

Have you learned anything from this game that could impact your own work?

From a broader perspective, the art style and production values are really high quality.

But what I particularly noticed early on was the interesting way in which you research different combos.

This feature brings me back into the game on a regular basis and I really like how it’s done.