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Thanks to Alibaba, Baidu and Yandex integrations, Flexion's wrapper adds 20 million users

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Thanks to Alibaba, Baidu and Yandex integrations, Flexion's wrapper adds 20 million users
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It's been a year since Flexion launched its latest wrapper distribution technology for Android games and apps.

And thanks to deals with the likes of Baidu, Samsung, Yandex and Alibaba, it's racked up 20 million new users in that time.

Given the reach of Google Play and other Chinese app stores that might not seem like much, but the important thing about Flexion is it's somewhere between an app store and an on-device icon; meaning it's more integrated into on-device user experience.

And this is really important in the emerging markets where the likes of Chinese channels like Baidu and Alibaba and Russian Android OS Yandex operate.

And, of course, in this way it provides alternative distribution and discovery opportunities, which is why the likes of Kiloo, DeNA, Halfbrick, Disney, Sega, and EA are using Flexion, alongside Google Play and other Android channels.

The other billion

"The increasing cost of user acquisition has made it particularly hard for mid-tier freemium developers to survive," pointed out Flexion CEO Jens Lauritzson.

"Their overheads are significant and they cannot afford to compete with the top 10 in terms of paid user acquisition. We can help them achieve great results without massive budgets."

Flexion's patent-pending wrapper enables developers to easily repurpose their existing game builds to make them compatible with new stores and distribution channels. This includes varying the IAP methods and integrating additional payment options.

In addition, it handles the plumbing for multiple channels within the wrapper, meaning that developers don't have to spend time doing those integrations.

You can find out more about Flexion via its website.