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Ubisoft rolls out Monkey King Escape to western markets

Cracked China before it targeted the west
Ubisoft rolls out Monkey King Escape to western markets

Just in time for Chinese New Year, Ubisoft Chengdu has launched in the UK its first mobile title designed specifically for Chinese audiences.

Monkey King Escape is an endless runner based on the classic oriental novel, Journey to the West, and has racked up 2 million downloads in China since its August 2014 launch.

Now, however, it’s hoped that the game can gain a following on the UK App Store and Google Play.

Changing expectations

The decision to launch in China months before a worldwide rollout was a deliberate one.

Interestingly, Ubisoft Chengdu enlisted the help of Chinese mobile publisher, iDreamSky, to siphon off enough knowledge to crack the country’s vast market.

iDreamSky was a key force in the game’s development, providing guidance on the expectations of Chinese players and designing a marketing plan for the game’s iOS release that included public events and online promotion.

Monkey King Escape is the perfect illustration of our desire to offer an ever-growing cross-section of players a varied game experience. We’ve created a new brand for mobile terminals, inspired by a popular local legend, aimed at the Chinese market”, said Jean-Michel Detoc, Manager of Ubisoft’s Mobile Division.

“We’re really proud, because this is the first time that Ubisoft has created a game specifically for the Chinese market, with release just in that territory before worldwide rollout a few months later.”