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Former GameAnalytics CEO Ioana Hreninciuc joins AI image creation startup PicFinder

PicFinder is one of the fastest growing generative AI startups with more than 100 million images created
Former GameAnalytics CEO Ioana Hreninciuc joins AI image creation startup PicFinder
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Generative AI startup PicFinder has announced that former GameAnalytics CEO and Homa CPO Ioana Hreninciuc has joined the company in the role of co-founder.

PicFinder is one of the fastest growing AI imagine generation startups, with 300,000 users creating over 100 million images using the software since its launch. This growth is due in part to its ability to drive infinite realtime image generation, generating images continuously as users scroll and allowing for an easier image creation process.

Game makers currently use PicFinder to ideate and storyboard, allowing for factory use cases such as creative production, as well as driving development of user generated content-based games, where players can generate their own images or assets as part of the game.

Additionally, PicFinder has been accepted into gaming accelerator and startup school Speedrun, led by leading venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

The power of AI

"PicFinder started from a simple premise: what if creating the perfect image was as simple as searching for it?” asked Hreninciuc. “Our vision for genAI is different. We want publishing managers, producers, marketers, and content creators to easily use genAI without having to spend hours on retries, or learning new tools. At PicFinder we’ve made this happen, and we’re thrilled to be on this journey as part of the first Speedrun cohort."

Hreninciuc will work alongside co-founder and CTO Flaviu Radulescu, with whom she previously worked at GameAnalytics. The two also previously launched performance cloud vendor Bigstep, where they worked with clients such as Vodafone and

“GenAI is disrupting every industry, and I’m incredibly excited to be working alongside Ioana on building the fastest and friendliest image generation service for creators,” said Radulescu. “We’ve already seen viral growth for the service, with no marketing dollar spent. Access to Speedrun resources and mentorship will also fuel PicFinder's next stage of growth, so we’ve never been better positioned to succeed.”

"The growth of PicFinder was driven by viral user traction," added Hreninciuc. "As soon as it became public it started getting shared in YouTubes, TikToks, etc. We had not anticipated such virality, and for a while we were simply focused on keeping everything up and running as traffic was growing. Creators loved it because it was an easy and powerful way to create images. We now want to take this ability to more channels than ever, in content creation tools, productivity software, apps and games, wherever creators are."

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