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Four million downloads makes Doodle Jump the best selling iPhone game ever

And an iPad version is on the way
Four million downloads makes Doodle Jump the best selling iPhone game ever
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A lot has changed in the world of mobile games in the past 10 years and that's something we will be looking at in our new initiative which will see us reposting articles from the past decade.

This week we rewind to consider what was considered the most successful mobile game in 2010.


As predicted by developer Igor Pusenjak at GDC 2010 in March, Doodle Jump has become the best selling game on Apple's App Store, hitting the four million download mark.

It's particularly impressive as there's only ever been a paid 99c version of the game available, so sales have been driven by word-of-mouth and cross promotion with The Doodler appearing in other titles.

Pusenjak also puts the recent acceleration of sales down to constant updates. The current version is 1.18.

"I like the model of doing a minimal release and then adding more content," he told at GDC.

"It drives activity as people want to see what's new and it encourages them back to play the game."

Getting bigger

In addition, it's been announced an iPad version of the game will be released; something Pusenjak previously mused about.

"I want to hold the iPad in my hands and see how it works first. Then I can see if I'm inspired to expand the universe," he said.

And with RealArcade licensing the brand for Java and Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile, it probably won't be long before a press release detailing how Doodle Jump has hit the five million downloads across all platforms needs to be written.