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Frogmind launches real-time multiplayer Rumble Hockey after short soft-launch

Anthropomorphic animal sports title is available on iOS and Android
Frogmind launches real-time multiplayer Rumble Hockey after short soft-launch
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Finnish studio Frogmind has launched its new real-time multiplayer sports title Rumble Hockey on mobile.

Developed as a sibling to Rumble Stars (the football variant), Rumble Hockey see players assembling a team of anthropomorphic animals as they try to rise through ranked leagues.

Players need to build strategic combos and outwit their opponents via goals before collecting and upgrading new powerful cards to create the perfect squad. RumbleTV will transmit games from the best players around the world which will be available for anyone to tune in and watch.


Rumble Hockey was soft-launched in the middle of April across Canada, Finland, Australia, Spain, Romania, and France. Prior to launch, Frogmind confirmed that the studio would be applying a new update to eradicate a number of bugs that would help "general gameplay" on release.

The game can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play worldwide.


During the first 30 days of download, Frogmind is offering content creators a 100 per cent revenue share for players they bring to the hockey game.

We previously spoke to Frogmind on going from a team of two working on premium games to the new free-to-play setup that the studio adapted for Rumble Stars.