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Supercell-owned Frogmind soft-launches animal sports game Rumble Hockey

Available across both iOS and Android in Finland, Canada, Australia, and more.
Supercell-owned Frogmind soft-launches animal sports game Rumble Hockey
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Finnish developer Frogmind has soft-launched a new free-to-play mobile sports title starring anthropomorphic animals called Rumble Hockey.

This is the second entry in the Rumble series from the studio, following soccer game Rumble Stars that similarly focused on a cast of human-like animals. The game was in soft-launch for one year before launching in April 2019.

Rumble Stars and Rumble Hockey have both been developed by the same team, with gameplay being built around real-time PvP matches.

However, according to the Supercell subsidiary, hockey features faster gameplay and different goalie mechanics that require "even more focus on building clever combos to outsmart the opponent".

"Hockey-loving country"

"Encouraged by the awesome launch and reception of Rumble Stars, and coming from a big Hockey-loving country, the development team wanted to create a hockey version as well," wrote Frogmind via Reddit.

"Fun fact, the development of Rumble Stars soccer first began as a hockey game, but evolved into Soccer when the gameplay prototypes with soccer mechanics felt great. There didn't seem to be that many hockey games on mobile and so the development of Rumble Hockey eventually began."


Rumble Hockey has soft-launched in Canada, Finland, Australia, Spain, Romania and France on both iOS and Android. No official release date has been given.

We previously spoke to Frogmind CEO and co-founder Johannes Vuorinen on going from a team of two working on premium games to Rumble Stars.