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Badland developer Frogmind soft launches new IP Rumble Stars Soccer

Currently playable in Finland, Sweden, Vietnam, Philippines and more
Badland developer Frogmind soft launches new IP Rumble Stars Soccer
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Badland developer Frogmind has soft-launched a new free-to-play IP called Rumble Stars on iOS.

The PvP soccer game centres on a cast of anthropomorphic animals known as rumblers along with high tempo and button combo-oriented gameplay.

Players can also upgrade their teams and take on the others to climb the ranks in a competitive feature.

Rumble Stars Soccer is currently available in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

An Android release will follow in the “not-too-distant” future.



The new IP joins the Helsinki-based developer's other game Badland Brawl in soft launch, which is currently available in the same countries with the addition of Australia and New Zealand.

Badlands Brawl is a one-lane brawler that has players firing their units out of a slingshot and at their opponent's tower to bring it toppling down.

Supercell acquired 51 per cent of Frogmind at the end of 2016 as the companies entered into a "long-term partnership."

As part of the agreement, Frogmind continued to act as an independent studio from Supercell and kept full creative control over its products, which it self-publishes.

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