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FuzzyBot raises $3.5 million for co-op games starting with Switch

LA studio is up and funding
FuzzyBot raises $3.5 million for co-op games starting with Switch
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Sep 22, 2021 investment 1Up Ventures Bitkraft Ventures FuzzyBot Sisu Game Ventures $3.5m
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New indie game development studio FuzzyBot has raised $3.5 million following a seed funding round.

The funding round was led by BitKraft Ventures and featured participation from 1Up Ventures and Sisu Game Ventures.

Los Angeles-based FuzzyBot was founded by former EA veterans Tatyana Dyshlova, former EA lead producer, and Max Spielberg, former EA design director.

Dyshlova will operate as the CEO of FuzzyBot whereas Spielberg will lead as creative director.

The founding duo state on the studio’s website that they left triple-A development to "chase the indie dream" and create games that everyone can play together.

The funding raised will be used to further accelerate the development of the studio’s first title and scale the team to aid in this.

FuzzyBot’s first game will be a long-lasting co-op intended to be a blend of the combat and progression elements native to rougelike and life sim games, dubbed "rougelife".

A spokesperson for FuzzyBot told that the studio will target Nintendo Switch as its leading console platform for publishing games.

Transferred synergy

"The games industry is notorious for its inflexible high-crunch culture and we are determined to chart a new path in how our company operates and brings games to market," said FuzzyBot co-founder and CEO Tatyana Dyshlova.

"We value the collaborative speed that comes from working within a small team and look to capitalize on the benefits that a remote studio can provide."

BitKraft Ventures founder general partner Malte Barth commented: "It’s evident that the FuzzyBot team has transferred their synergy from EA to the new studio. Their proven ability to grow a world-class development team will be invaluable as they collaborate to tap into a cross-genre market opportunity."

Similarly, another LA-based studio, Elodie Games, recently raised $32.5 million following a Series A funding round to develop co-op, cross-platform titles.