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Sprocket Games raises $5 million in funding round

The investment will support development of the company’s debut title
Sprocket Games raises $5 million in funding round
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Sep 1, 2022 investment 1Up Ventures Bitkraft Ventures Obsidian Entertainment Riot Games $0m

Sprocket Games has announced that it has raised $5 million in a funding round led by Bitkraft Ventures, with participation from Substrate, Gaingels, and 1Up Ventures.

The company was founded by a number of industry veterans: Josiah Kiehl (Riot Games), Jo Graylock (Obsidian), Reina Sweet (Riot Games), and Nicolas Tittley (Riot Games).

“Fun, engaging adventures with friends — both new and old — are at the center of many games we all play and love today,” said Bitkraft principal Jasper Brand. “Josiah, Jo, Nick, and Reina struck us as an amazing leadership team from day one: Not only do they have a captivating vision for what those shared adventures could look like — but also a rare track record across game design and infrastructure to bring their ideas to life.”

A future friendly developer

The aim is that Sprocket Games will foster a diverse and inclusive workforce with extensive benefits to help attract the best in the industry. Currently, the company is working on “a cross-platform, social adventure game,” which will be its first release.

“Sprocket Games is a developer-focused studio created to set a new standard for how we care for and empower game developers, both culturally and technologically,” said Sprocket Games CEO Josiah Kiehl.“Our goal is to give devs the creative space they need to take risks and make truly innovative and amazing games.”

“Many top-tier game developers in the industry are under-supported, marginalized, and under-appreciated. Sprocket will provide developers opportunities they weren’t afforded at previous studios, creating a better, safer environment that serves as a stable platform for moonshot after moonshot.”

Sprocket Games’ focus on creating a diverse workforce is in line with efforts made throughout the industry to foster inclusivity. Last month, Niantic partnered with Tech Elevator to launch the New Voyager apprenticeship program, helping members of underserved communities begin their careers in tech.