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Gameloft and Madfinger are teaming up with Asus for ROG Phone II exclusive content

"Thanks to our close relationship with ASUS we were able to finely tune Asphalt 9: Legends”
Gameloft and Madfinger are teaming up with Asus for ROG Phone II exclusive content
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Sep 5, 2019 partnership Asus Gameloft Madfinger Games Not disclosed
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Game developers Gameloft and Madfinger have teamed up with Asus to bring exclusive content to the tech company's ROG Phone II.

Gameloft's Mobile Games Award-winning mobile racing title Asphalt 9: Legends will be available on the phone from the get-go. It's been enhanced to make full use of the phone's power, giving a frames per second increase and smoother display.

On top of this, a Porsche 911 with a ROG decal will be available exclusively for the mobile device. Gameloft teamed up with Porsche, making it the game’s official car brand.

This new version of Asphalt 9: Legends utilises the phone's built-vibration feature, dual-screen is also available for the game.

"At Gameloft, we are always trying to push the boundaries of videogames and we rely on a strong tech expertise that allows us to master our partners' ecosystems and devices," said Gameloft Global business director Henry Pan.

"Thanks to our close relationship with Asus, we were able to finely tune Asphalt 9: Legends to take the most out of the ROG Phone II and offer an incredible experience for the players as well as exclusive content to reward them."

Madfinger partnership

Madfinger's title Shadowgun Legends is also taking full advantage of the ROG Phone II's features, utilising its 6.59-inch screen, the twinview dock II and air triggers II.

Much like Gameloft, the company will be offering exclusive content to the users of Asus' new device. There will also be exclusive content for the developer's upcoming title Shadowgun War Games.

"The ROG Phone II is aimed at serious gamers, and Shadowgun Legends really showcases the technical abilities of the new phone. We couldn't wish for a more technically astounding game to help us launch the device," said Asus EMEA marketing director mobile department Daniela Idi.