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Gameplay video recording outfit Kamcord raises $1.5 million

Andreessen Horowitz and Tencent drop cash
Gameplay video recording outfit Kamcord raises $1.5 million
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Proving that great minds think alike, the news that Finnish outfit Applifier raised $4 million for its mobile gameplay video recording solution has been followed by the announcement that US start up Kamcord has raised $1.5 million for its similar product.

It's ahead in terms of deployment with over 50 iOS games integrating its solution, although neither company has yet gained traction with any marque titles.

"With this platform, we can fundamentally change how mobile games are discovered. Kamcord videos leverage the power of word-of-mouth to drive high-quality downloads," commented CEO Matt Zitzmann.

Rolling out

The company says it's currently handling around seven user-generated gameplay videos per second; something it's looking to boost with this investment.

Available for iOS developers using the cocos2d and Unity game engines, Kamcord is also looking to roll out the technology for all smartphones.

And given the number of investors in the seed round, it's likely it will be able to tap them for further resources.

Institutional investors included Andreessen Horowitz; Google Ventures; Tencent; Merus Capital; Y Combinator; XG Ventures; Digital Garage; Plug and Play Tech Center; iVentureCapital; GVA Capital; and Netprice, while angel investors included Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer amongst many others.

"We are excited to be a seed investor in Kamcord and look forward to seeing how user behavior evolves around the availability of player controlled video recording of their mobile gaming sessions," said David Wallerstein, SEVP of Tencent.

You can sign up for the technology via the website.