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Gamer Arena nets investment into Web3, AI and esports ambitions

Dutch VC fund Domino Ventures has invested an undisclosed sum into the competitive platform
Gamer Arena nets investment into Web3, AI and esports ambitions
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Mar 5, 2024 investment Gamer Arena Not disclosed
  • Turkish competitive gaming platform Gamer Arena has received an undisclosed sum in an investment from Domino Ventures
  • Gamer Arena's valuation has increased to $6 million

Turkish competitive gaming platform Gamer Arena has received a $6 million valuation after netting an investment from Domino Ventures.

Gamer Arena allows players to match and compete across a sizeable number of video games, one-on-one or in teams, allowing them to test skill and versatility.

The platform and ecosystem allow for esports tournaments and are enhanced by the blockchain-based GAU Token - a cryptocurrency whose utility is to be expanded through the investment.

Playing for the prize

Gamer Arena currently hosts tournaments in more than 30 games across PlayStation, Xbox, PC and mobile, with EA Sports FC Mobile, Hoop Shot, Brick Smasher and Flip Ride proving popular among the latter’s offerings.

Players earn GA Coins by winning games in tournaments and in their own self-developer games, as reported by Mobidictum. Over 500,000 members have already joined the platform.

Current Gamer Arena partners include Krafton, Atari and The Sandbox. And now with Domino Ventures’ investment adding further support, Gamer Arena will be able to fund its development of new AI-based products - working to position itself within both the games industry’s latest crazes, Web3 and AI.

The AI products created will form part of the GAU Token infrastructure, and a GAU Token AI Image Generator Tool is already on the way, launching next week.

Investing into a Turkey-based gaming platform follows Domino Ventures’ track record for industry enthusiasm, with the Dutch VC fund being known for its support of startups in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and, of course, Turkey. The fund has a broad footprint with offices across Amsterdam, Istanbul, Estonia, Poland, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Domino Ventures has previously invested into mobile games directly too, such as supporting mobile game maker njoyKidz to make educational and safe games for children, developed with the help of pedagogical experts.

The fund is focusing its investments on AI, gaming and Web3 companies, of which Gamer Arena happens to comprise all three.

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