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GameRefinery adds Player Motivations and Archetypes insights

Adding more understanding of gamers' behaviours
GameRefinery adds Player Motivations and Archetypes insights
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Finnish mobile game intelligence outfit GameRefinery has launched its new Player Motivations and Archetypes toolset.

As the name explains, it's a feature which enables developers to better understand how and why different players types interact with and are motivated by particular game features and genres.

Based on interviews with over 10,000 gamers, eight player archetypes have been defined: Expressionist; King of the Hill; Networker; Skill Master; Strategist; Thinker; Thrill Seeker and Treasure Hunter.

This data has now been added to each of the hundreds of thousands of games being tracked on the GameRefinery platform, as a paid extra feature.

"This level of insight into what motivates players and what they expect from a mobile game plays a crucial role in the decision-making process of a game publisher," said GameRefinery's CEO Markus Råmark.

"Merging motivational insights with our existing data like game features and subgenres, will provide developers and publishers with a full and unique picture of a game's DNA and potential."

You can find out more from the GameRefinery website