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GameRefinery reveals a new way to optimise UA without tracking users

Data Enrichment categorises games and matches with potential fans
GameRefinery reveals a new way to optimise UA without tracking users
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With many companies scrambling in reaction to Apple’s effective fracturing of mobile advertising tracking in iOS 14, there’s a massive opportunity for new approaches to UA.

And Finnish intelligence outfit GameRefinery reckons it’s come up with something that could fit the bill.

Labelled Data Enrichment, it’s a way of using the millions of data points GameRefinery has built up over the years in terms of defining mobile games and their audiences to direct advertising but - crucially - without requiring any private information.

Deeper knowledge

The process works as GameRefinery generates over 700 data points per game title, creating a detailed taxonomy of the entire mobile game ecosystem.

Significantly, this can be used to find surprising affinities between different game audiences, unlocking new potentially lucrative players who might not be targeted through conventional methods.

This technology can be accessed by mobile advertising networks who can see what games users are playing and then automatically personalise in-game advertising in terms of the most appropriate ads in their network.

The system can also optimise for different ad creatives.

Indeed, GameRefinery is already working with networks such as AdColony in this manner.

“GameRefinery has enabled AdColony to leverage granular app-specific data and optimise results for our partners without compromising the privacy of mobile users,” pointed out AdColony’s CTO Andrzej Dzius.