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Gamevil's future success will be built on global RPG mega brands and support for 15 languages

How to reach $200 million in 2015
Gamevil's future success will be built on global RPG mega brands and support for 15 languages
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Given that it saw FY14 sales up 79 percent to $131 million, you could be forgiven for thinking Gamevil (KOSDAQ:063080) was planning to bask in its current performance.

Instead the Korean mobile game publisher is looking at the next 12 months.

It's already predicting growth of 120 percent, which would take annual sales to around $200 million.

Solid foundations

The reason for its 2014 performance is strong growth in the Korean market, which currently accounts for 69 percent of Gamevil's revenue.

This general growth was fueled by Gamevil's focus on RPGs, clearly a genre that's very popular in Korea.

Significantly, 69 percent of Gamevil's 2014 sales came from just five games, with RGPs Dragon Blaze, Kritika and Monster Warlord part of that group.

RPGs are Gamevil's main source of revenue
RPGs are Gamevil's main source of revenue

Given this situation, Gamevil's plan for 2015 is what it calls focusing on growth of "global mega hit brands".

To some degree, Gamevil wants to take games that have been successful in Korea and extend that success internationally.

For Gamevil, this particularly means Asian countries like Taiwan, Japan and China. As a region, APAC makes up 44 percent of international sales,

Content matters

In terms of new games, Gamevil is looking to bring successful Korean PC games to mobile. It's already done this with Kritika and ArcheAge and recently announced deals for Devilian and Age of Storm.

Gamevil will also release new games in existing franchises - notably the 2015 version of baseball game KBO and Cartoon Wars 3. New original IP games include Monster Picker and Guardians War.

Ginno Game's <em>Devilian</em> is coming to mobile
Ginno Game's Devilian is coming to mobile

Underpinning this activity is what Gamevil calls its global service infrastructure.

It's "One-Build" system supports 15 languages, while Gamevil will also act locally with regionalised marketing, events, forums and customer services.