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Gamigo boosts publishing capacity with new launch department

To be led by games publishing experts Marcus Behrens and Marc Berekoven
Gamigo boosts publishing capacity with new launch department

Gamigo Group has revealed the formation of a new launch department to bolster its presence in the games publishing space.

The games publisher plans to increase its titles roster as well as enter into new international markets, and part of expanding the product range involves acquiring more licenses.

The new launch department, spearheaded by director of publishing Marcus Behrens and director of marketing Marc Berekoven, will release new games in the market whilst providing partners with publishing support.

"The new launch department is an essential part of our future product strategy. We are therefore proud that with Marcus Behrens and Marc Berekoven, we were able to secure two such experienced industry experts," said Gamigo Group CEO Jens Knauber.

A new direction

Behrens joined the company earlier this month, coming with experience in lead positions from Kalypso Media and Bigpoint. Behrens previously worked as the publishing director of mobile and business development at Kalypso Media, and also head of publishing at Bigpoint.

Berekoven joined the Gamigo team in late 2021, with prior executive positions including head of business development at 4Players, the senior marketing manager of Europe at ZeniMax Europe, and more.

The first title that is being overseen by this new department is an MMORPG and open-world game, Fractured Online. It was announced in December and is being developed by Dynamight Studios, who will be receiving support from Gamigo before and after release.

"We can't wait to announce the new titles for our expanding games lineup, adding new gameplay experiences and new audiences to our strong portfolio of existing online and mobile games," Knauber added.

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