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GDC snapshot: Lion Studios on moving to merge games

Key takeaways from Amy Choi’s session on moving to merge games
GDC snapshot: Lion Studios on moving to merge games

Lion Studio’s transition from hypercasual games to casual merge games has led to fundamental lessons, as delivered by director of product Amy Choi.

  • “In casual development, gone are low CPI gimmicks.” There is a heavier focus on quality engaging mechanics, with a harmonious theme . With this in mind, it is critical to begin with more marketable themes
  • With monitoring player journeys over lengthier periods of time, data analysis moves beyond level funnels and IAP conversions, and a greater understanding of a diversity of player. “At Lion, one of the first changes was to build a more robust data analytics team”
  • On publishing, Lion had to recognise how to build not only a game but a service, and similarly working with partners that have experience
  • Lion came from a hypercasual background, so there was less impact on the mentality of the team on the transition from hypercasual to casual. Particularly, the ability to “kill projects early and move faster”