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Innovation Edition of Gear VR out in December

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Innovation Edition of Gear VR out in December
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After months of uncertainty, Samsung has finally announced that the first "Innovator" Gear VR devices will ship in December 2014.

Announced during the Samsung Developer Conference 2014, this ensures that the company narrowly keeps its promise of launching their devices this year.

VR focused

Putting a heavy emphasis on VR as one of the key pillars of its open platform strategy during the keynote, a few more details emerged about what kind of opportunities lie in wait for developers.

For those seeking to make games, the Oculus Mobile SDK includes seamless Unity integration and forum support from developers already working on the platform.

As for those interested in VR’s further capabilities, the complementary Project Beyond 360 degrees 3D camera will allow developers in the coming year to use VR to invite consumers into concerts, sporting events and in a more immersive fashion.

And with Nick DiCarlo, Samsung’s VP of Immersive Products and Virtual Reality, making it clear that “each successive generation of smartphones will come with a new and immersive VR experience” it seems that support for the platform will be maintained for the long run.

Register for your headset now

While Samsung placed a deliberately vague emphasis on “December” as the shipping date, it's opened up pre-registration for those interested in purchasing the device.

By heading here, you can note your interest in getting a device and hope that it arrives in time for you to have a very VR Christmas.