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Oculus unveils new refund policy for Gear VR content

For anyone who uses an app for less than half an hour
Oculus unveils new refund policy for Gear VR content
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Oculus has introduced a new refund policy for content bought for the Samsung Gear VR through the Oculus store.

Users are free to request a refund on a product so long as they have used it for less than 30 minutes, and the refund is made within three days of the purchase. To prevent fraud, the product data has to be removed from the device before it can be refunded.

The new refund policy does not cover any films, bundles, content bought as part of a bundle, DLC, or IAPs. Oculus will also be keeping an eye out for users buying and refunding the same content repeatedly.

Getting it back

Refunds will be processed automatically and should take up to five days to go through. Users will lose access to the app during the refund process, though they will get it back if the refund is denied.

A refund policy has also been put in place for the Oculus Rift. Content on that device can be refunded if it has been used for less than two hours within 14 days of purchase.

Oculus recently hired former Facebook brand marketing executive Rebecca Van Dyckas its new Chief Marketing Officer. She report to Facebook VP of VR Hugo Barra.