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Glispa reports 90% growth in BRIC regions

Mobile marketing thriving in explosive-growth regions
Glispa reports 90% growth in BRIC regions
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Performance marketing outfit Glispa has announced exceptional growth in the high-growth territories collectively known as BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

The company now boasts a monthly serving of 84 billion ad impressions in these countries - 90 percent of which are mobile-based - with an annual growth rate of more than 90 percent. 

Furthermore, year-on-year conversion rates for Glispa now sit at a 226 percent increase in the BRIC regions, with a still-growing base of 210 million monthly active users.

The company works with the like of 337/Elex, Tap4Fun and FunPlus in China, Mail.Ru and GameInsight in Russia, and Bash Games in India, not to mention the likes of King, Kabam, and DeNA.

On the rise

BRIC, of course, has a collectively massive potential, with its combined community of 3 billion totalling 41 percent of the entire world's population.

In fact, based on market data, Glispa has predicted that BRIC smartphone users will reach 1 billion in number this year. It's an area that marketing companies are understandably keen to explore.

“We have huge credibility in the BRIC region,” said Tim Nilsson, Glispa's MD. “Since 2008, we’ve been way ahead of the curve building our high performance marketing capabilities in these emerging markets brick by brick.

"Our exploding growth this past year is just a small indication of what we can do for our global advertiser clients and partners for many years to come.”