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Global Top Round launces year-long seed investment programme

Supporting smaller studios
Global Top Round launces year-long seed investment programme
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Global Top Round (GTR) has launched a new seed investment programme that will last all throughout 2022.

The intention of the venture-focused programme is to allocate seed funding of $150,000 to $300,000 into between five and seven studios each, making a total investment upward of $2 million annually.

This programme will enable GTR studios to begin a three-month work plan together prior to a deal being made.

"We’re excited to branch into the realm of seed funding venture capital with our new programme," said GTR vice president of global business development Pontus Mahler.

"Whereas our accelerator programme has traditionally worked with early-stage startups to build a foundation, this programme will focus more on what later-stage startups can do to take their projects to the next level."

Maximising plans

Previously, GTR has invested in more than 55 gaming companies across America, the UK, Sweden, and others. Each year, 10 gaming startups are targetted for growth by GTR and supported with, among other elements, investment and networking.

A similarity between this new programme and the accelerator programme is that GTR will work with each partner, aiming to maximise self-publishing, publisher, or venture capital plans.

The expansion is reportedly enabled due to GXC – GTR's accelerator programme – which over the last year has raised more than $13.8 million in Series A funding.

Recently, Genshin Impact developer MiHoYo has contributed $65 million towards the nuclear fusion technology company Energy Singularity.