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Goodgame Studios cuts 100+ jobs as it ditches casual and PC client games to focus on core

RPGs in, casual games out
Goodgame Studios cuts 100+ jobs as it ditches casual and PC client games to focus on core

Goodgame Studios has announced a restructuring plan that involves cutting a minimum of 100 jobs by the end of September 2016.

The Hamburg-based studio, which once boasted the title of Germany's biggest game developer, will be ending all development of casual games and client-based browser games.

Its standalone casual studio was established by Goodgame back in early 2015, led by ex-King exec Daniel Persson.

Next steps

But now, after failing to make any headway in the space, the company is focusing on the time-tested, profitable side of its business: strategy games on mobile and browser.

Furthermore, as explained to at Gamescom, the studio has assembled an internal team to work on Asian-inspired mobile RPGs, complete with gacha and autoplay.

The soft-launched CCG Infernals is the first example of this.

A statement issued by Goodgame Studios assures that those displaced will be offered "high severance packages," as well as being "offered to change to an employment transitional company, which will receive additional funds from Goodgame Studios."

It is also confirmed that "a lower three-digit number" lose their jobs.

Thank you and goodbye

"The success of Goodgame Studios in the recent past was only possible with our outstanding employees who deserve our sincerest gratitude," commented COO and founder Christian Wawrzinek.


"All the more we deeply regret to be forced to implement these profound changes. They are unavoidable to secure the successful future of Goodgame Studios and sustained job security of the remaining employees."

"By focusing our strengths on our profitable core business, we will be even better positioned in the future," he continues.

"Now, more than ever, we are committed to our overall goal to develop games which will fascinate our users all over the world for years to come."