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GREE International Entertainment acquires RPG DragonSoul from PerBlue

Developer sells just the game, not its company
GREE International Entertainment acquires RPG DragonSoul from PerBlue
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GREE's Western arm GREE International Entertainment has acquired mobile RPG DragonSoul from its original developer PerBlue.

GIE will be looking to push the game further in Europe with localised live events and other European live ops. It will also look to expand and improve the game itself and launch a global marketing strategy.

GIE will continue to operate its other titles, such as Modern War and Knights & Dragons, alongside its live ops on DragonSoul.

Fun factor

"DragonSoul has a unique position in today's mobile gaming market, blending memorable characters with humorous tones and compelling gameplay that keeps players engaged and entertained for hours on end," said Andrew Sheppard, CEO of GREE International Entertainment.

"We're excited to marry DragonSoul’s fun factor and depth of gameplay with our publishing powerhouse as we grow the franchise worldwide for all to enjoy."

Staying independent

Wisconsin-based developer PerBlue is only selling the rights and assets to DragonSoul. It will continue to operate independently of GIE, working on new titles and maintaining currently released games.

"We're thrilled to see DragonSoul evolve into a global franchise that will excite players for years to come," said Justin Beck, CEO and Co-Founder of PerBlue.

"GREE's knowledge and expertise in operating triple-A mobile gaming franchises make them the perfect partner to take over DragonSoul’s reins."