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GXC announces new venture fund ‘for the future of gaming’

GXC, a video games solution company, has announced a $40m venture fund for early-stage games start-ups.
GXC announces new venture fund ‘for the future of gaming’

Gaming solutions company GXC have announced the creation of a venture fund worth nearly $40m+ to invest in startups, developers and video game related companies across the industry. Called Round Ventures, GXC aims to invest between $2-$8m in companies which they choose to support. As the release states, “The launch of Round Ventures demonstrates GXC’s bullish perspective on the opportunity for value creation from building and investing in the games industry. The fund is eager to support the projects of the future.”

According to the release, “The fund will invest in promising video game developers and video game related companies to help fuel their growth while continuing to deliver high quality content and services.” The fund is intended for companies that are already generating revenue or that already have significant momentum behind their projects. With co-investors valued between $10m and $50m.

Here comes the money

Round Ventures will be holding their first investment summit at an event named “Round Ventures Select Asia” in South Korea. Companies seeking investment will be offered the opportunity to showcase their games or projects to a team of investors who’ll select successful candidates to qualify for investment. General Partner at Round Ventures, Rick Nahm, had this to say, “We believe the video games industry is in need of a system where early stage companies receive both growth and guidance on how to execute their projects

As we’ve previously reported in our ongoing coverage of Drake Stars Global Gaming Report, the amount of investment and general funding flowing into the gaming industry remains strong despite ongoing economic struggles across the globe. Famously the entertainment industry is known to be bulletproof, even when other industries struggle. Judging by the amount of money which Round Ventures are putting forward it seems they agree and see the potential to profit from supporting exponential growth in successful companies.

Within a few years we should begin to see how important Round Ventures investment will be, and whether or not other companies will follow suit. The games industry continues to grow year on year, and as the market diversifies,where investment is placed will be a key factor for the future.