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GXC subsidiary Global Top Round to launch M&A department

The GXC subsidiary Global Top Round will launch a mergers and acquisitions department to deal with exits, fundraising and acquisition.
GXC subsidiary Global Top Round to launch M&A department
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GXC subsidiary, global game startup accelerator GTR (Global Top Round), has announced the launch of their new mergers and acquisitions department. To be led by former Zordix M&A manager, Jacques Benchetrit, the department will assist companies and individuals with everything from exits to fundraising and acquisitions within the gaming industry. GTR brings existing experience with major publishers and developers to the table, with the intent to provide advisory services to smaller companies in the industry.

Commenting on the launch, Benchetrit stated, “At our core, we are bankers who game. We appreciate gaming as an art form and want to protect industry artists and entrepreneurs from signing bad deals. We're going to change the way deals are done in gaming, ensure both sellers and buyers achieve their goals, and help push the industry forward.”

Big Money Matters

Given GXC have previously announced the launch of Round Ventures, their venture fund for game companies and entrepreneurs within the space, it should come as no surprise that their subsidiary is further investing into the ongoing business development of the gaming industry. Major deals have become part and parcel of the daily news cycle for the game industry, however it too often falls by the wayside how much of the business transactions in this industry are based around smaller companies.

GTR’s aim is to help many smaller businesses and individuals in the gaming space deal with the often byzantine structure of business transactions. There have been some rather high profile takeovers and studio shakeups that may make smaller developers and studios cautious, such as the recent ZA/UM incident where the original founders and creative team were allegedly pushed out of the company, and which has culminated in legal action. It’s unsurprising then that GTR may see an opportunity to help advise and hopefully safeguard companies during crucial business arrangements.

Although smaller deals are crucial for the day to day running of the games industry, it’s no surprise that some of the most stunning transfers of money happen with the biggest deals. If you want to know more you can check out our list of The top Ten Gaming Industry Deals of 2022 (so far).