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Hammer & Chisel raises $8.7 million to bring MOBA to tablets

Riot Games' investor Mitch Lasky leads the round
Hammer & Chisel raises $8.7 million to bring MOBA to tablets

Hammer & Chisel, the game developer set up by OpenFeint founder Jason Citron, has raised $8.7 million.

The investment was led by Mitch Lasky, a general partner at Benchmark Capital.

Lasky led Benchmark's early investment in League of Legions studio Riot Games, and also sits in the board of CSR Racing studio NaturalMotion, following Benchmark's investment in summer 2012.

Other companies involved are Time Warner and existing investors Studio 9+, Accel Partners, IDG Capital Partners, and GC Capital Partners. 

They previously invested $1.1 million in the studio.

Holding out for a hero

Hammer & Chisel is currently working on its League of Legions-inspired MOBA Fates Forever.

The investment will be used to help launch the game, which is a tablet-only multiplayer-focused experience. The 10-strong developer is also hiring.

"As I was building OpenFeint I would often around and wonder why there weren't any fantastic core games to play on my iPad like World of Warcraft or Magic the Gathering," said Citron.

"Millions of gamers are going to grow up in a world where their first personal computer is a tablet, not a desktop PC. It seems like a no-brainer that these gamers will want to sit down and play a 45 minute session of a game like League or Dota 2."