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Harmonix and Tilting Point working together for multiple mobile music games

Rock Band dev partners with mobile ops expert
Harmonix and Tilting Point working together for multiple mobile music games
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Sep 15, 2014 partnership Harmonix Music Systems Tilting Point Not disclosed

'New generation games partner' (no, it's not a publisher) Tilting Point has signed a deal with Rock Band developer Harmonix Music Systems.

Unsurprising, this will consist of the companies working together to develop, release and operate multiple music games for mobile platforms.

Harmonix will create and develop the games while Tilting Point will provide funding, as well as expertise in areas such as monetisation, data analysis, marketing, user acquisition, PR, not to mention live operations and customer support.


To-date, Tilting Point has been involved in three live mobile games: Leo's Fortune, Toy Rush and The Sleeping Prince.

Harmonix's history is more troubled, with the studio losing 37 jobs as part of a reorganisation in May 2014.

"We've known the guys at Tilting Point for years through EA Partners, and recently we began exploring ideas for games we'd like to work on together," said Harmonix's CCO Alex Rigopulos.

"We've known for a long time that we needed a partner to help us succeed on mobile, and Tilting Point simply has the best offering for developers, providing the tools, talent, and experience to turn our ideas into hit games."

Tilting Point's executive chairman Tom Frisina added: "There is a huge opportunity on mobile to create the next big hit in music games and Harmonix is ideally suited to take advantage of that opportunity."