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Hiber upgrades its HiberWorld metaverse platform with no-code creation

More than two million virtual worlds
Hiber upgrades its HiberWorld metaverse platform with no-code creation
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Sweden-based Hiber has announced an upgrade to HiberWorld, its metaverse platform, with the use of Web3 technology and a next-generation 3D engine.

The first to gain access will be Apple users in New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines, with the upgraded platform being available on the App Store in these regions.

The new engine will enable real-time co-creation, collaboration, and improved performance and graphics. No-code creation is also available via both browsers and apps, and holders of partners’ NFTs can use their assets within the platform.

HiberWorld reportedly has more than two million "virtual worlds" within it, being built to be universally accessible with no-code creation.

Open expansion

Hiber intends to expand the rollout of the upgrade over the coming weeks as a replacement of the original platform, which has seen around two years of testing. Expanding to further device platforms is also planned for the future.

"We believe the metaverse, just like the internet, inherently needs to be open, accessible, and free for everyone to participate in and express their creativity without any barriers," Hiber CEO Michael Yngfors said.

"That’s why we have built a web- and mobile-first, no-code platform that removes all the friction and utilises Web3 technology to enable interoperability and support digital ownership. We believe the HiberWorld platform has the potential to power hundreds of millions of interconnected virtual worlds, opening the Metaverse to the masses."

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