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Pixelynx and Hiber partner to integrate HiberWorld with Pixelynx ecosystem

NFT cross-utility anticipated
Pixelynx and Hiber partner to integrate HiberWorld with Pixelynx ecosystem

Pixelynx and Hiber have made an announcement that the two companies will integrate the web-first no-code HiberWorld metaverse into the Pixelynx ecosystem.

Hiber’s metaverse incorporates the latest Web3 technology and currently has over two million worlds and is accessible through mobile and browser. Through this partnership, NFTs purchased from Pixelynx will also see utility within HiberWorld’s ecosystem.

Pixelynx is also launching a physical and digital music ecosystem for artists who will be able to control experiences with NFTs. Its studio is comprised of triple-A games developers from Activision, EA Sports, Ubisoft and others.

"We have been working with Pixelynx for almost a year already and we believe that they have an incredible offering and approach to the metaverse focused on music, fashion and culture," said Hiber CEO Michael Yngfors.

Exploring opportunities

Pixelynx CEO and co-founder Inder Phull commented: "Being optimised for accessibility in its cross-platform web and mobile offering, the HiberWorld platform offers everything artists and musicians need to build their presence in the metaverse with their own virtual worlds and seamlessly reach their audience in a 3D space on a mobile phone, or browser.

"As we explore the opportunities in this space together, we see a massive opportunity to reach and build a global audience, bring music, gaming and new entertainment experiences to the masses."

Hiber also recently announced an upgrade to HiberWorld with the use of a next-generation 3D engine.