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PIXELYNX partners with Vita Motus on new metaverse mobile game ELYNXIR

The game aims to bring musicians and fans closer than ever before
PIXELYNX partners with Vita Motus on new metaverse mobile game ELYNXIR
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Jan 20, 2023 partnership Pixelynx Not disclosed
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Music metaverse platform PIXELYNX, founded by musicians deadmau5 and Plastikman, has announced a new partnership with Vita Motus on its debut game ELYNXIR.

Vita Motus’s new VitaVerse platform lets users teleport their real selves into live-streamed virtual worlds in real time. The platform contains live music venues where concertgoers can watch streams, talk, and dance as authentic representations of themselves via a mobile app, offering a low entry barrier for digital home experiences. Through the partnership, the companies aim to create an experience that brings players and their favorite artists closer together than ever before.

“Vita Motus shares our vision that metaverse live events should be more than just direct replicas of in-person events,” said PIXELYNX CEO and co-founder Inder Phull. “Their VitaVerse technology will allow ELYNXIR players to explore cutting-edge, fully immersive, hybrid experiences with their friends and favorite artists.”

Bringing concert experiences to mobile

ELYNXIR will offer fans the ability to discover games, music, artists, and community-made content from their phones, utilising advanced geolocation and augmented reality technology. Ultimately, the aim is to facilitate new forms of fan-to-artist collaboration and create a new level of immersion and gameplay in the music metaverse.

“There is an ever-expanding demand in the entertainment industry for digital platforms, especially those focused on quality and authenticity, said Vita Motus CEO and founder Heather Shaw.

“Current virtual experiences are designed around consumption where your “real self” becomes secondary, replaced by an avatar. Our partnership with PIXELYNX will allow ELYNXIR users to experience the digital world like never before through our VitaVerse technology.”

There’s been a notable upswing in games and digital platforms offering musical experiences over the past few years, with acts such as Imogen Heap, BTS, and Blackpink holding virtual concerts in a variety of digital spaces. However, such performances are likely to become increasingly common, allowing users not just to view a stream or recording of a concert, but interact with it in real time.

Musicians have also increasingly collaborated with mobile gaming on a number of events, such as Beatstar’s recent collaboration with Eminem.