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Huawei returns Tencent's games to its storefront

Following removal due to a revenue share dispute
Huawei returns Tencent's games to its storefront

Tencent's online games have been returned to Huawei's app store following a revenue dispute.

As reported by Reuters, the Chinese tech companies could not agree on a revenue share with Huawei insisting on a 50 per cent slice on Tencent's profits from its games. Thus, the telecoms specialist removed the titles.

However, following further negotiations, Huawei chose to return Tencent's games to its app store.
"Both sides will continue to work together to bring better experiences and services to consumers," said Tencent.


However, it is not just Tencent that has taken issue with the hefty revenue slice that Huawei demands.

One such game developer is MiHoYo, the creator of the hit mobile title Genshin Impact. Due to commission on Huawei's storefront, the Chinese dev chose not to have its RPG listed there.

Since its release in September 2020, Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm as it grossed almost $400 million within two months of launch.

Moreover, the Breath of the Wild-inspired title also picked up a nomination for Mobile Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2020.