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Human Fall Flat mobile soars to top spot in China following release

The Curve titled released in the region with support from X.D. Network and 505 Games
Human Fall Flat mobile soars to top spot in China following release
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The mobile version of Human Fall Flat released in China today, soaring straight to the number one spots on both iOS and Android just hours after launch.

Developer No Brakes partnered with Curve Digital505 Games and Chinese publisher X.D. Network to bring Human Fall Flat to the region. Prior to launch, the game received over 7 million pre-registrations on top Chinese Android appstore, TapTap.

The game sold over 100,000 units on TapTap within 30 minutes of launch and is on track to break 700,000 units within its first day.

"This launch has reaffirmed our confidence in China’s premium mobile games market," said Curve Digital chairman Stuart Dinsey.

"Half a million units sold within the first few hours after launch is almost unheard of anywhere else. The scale of the launch wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible team at XD Network and 505 Games; we look forward to future partnerships with them both.”

Brandy Wu, VP of publishing at X.D. Network added: "With the freemium monetisation model being adopted by more and more game developers, it’s easy to overlook the needs of the player base that values captivating content and replayability where premium games are designed for. The players have always been there and it just took an amazing game like HFF to show the market's potential."

505 Games CEO Raffi Galante also said: “Human Fall Flat is precisely the kind of game that can be successful in China: fun, colourful, multiplayer, for all ages. The indie and premium market is a growing segment of the industry in China.

"These numbers do not happen by chance, we have seen the TapTap wishlists grow every day, we are very proud of the results and are grateful for the incredible passion and dedication that all the teams at XD, 505 and Curve have put into the game, growing the community around it and building up expectations and momentum.”

Global force 

Earlier this year, Curve also partnered with Korean publisher H2 Interactive to bring some of its Switch titles to more Asian territories, including the console version of Human Fall Flat. The company also appointed ex Tencent executive John Clark as its new CEO earlier this month.