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Chinese livestreaming platform Huya files for $200m IPO in US

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Chinese livestreaming platform Huya files for $200m IPO in US
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Chinese livestreaming platform Huya has filed for an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

The flotation could be worth up to $200 million, though the number of shares, price or issue date has yet to be revealed.

Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and UBS are listed as underwriters for the IPO.

Existing investors

Huya is owned by social network provider YY, which currently owns just over 48 per cent of the company and has a 55.5 per cent share of voting power.

Tencent recently invested in $462 million in Huya and picked up a 34.6 per cent stake in the livestreaming outfit, with total voting rights of 39.8 per cent.

The terms of that deal state that between March 8th 2020 and March 8th 2021 Tencent could purchase additional shares to bring its voting power up to 50.1 per cent.

Huya generated $348 million in total net revenue in 2017. It also reported to have 83.4 million average monthly active users during the fourth quarter of 2017, an increase of 17.2 per cent from 74 million MAUs from the year prior.

For mobile specifically, Huya claimed 36.2 million average MAUs in 2017, a rise of 74.5 per cent from 20.8 million in 2016.

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