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Hyper Games Conference takes place February 3rd to 4th - sign up now

The fourth edition takes place this week, don't miss out!
Hyper Games Conference takes place February 3rd to 4th - sign up now
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Hyper Games Conference walks the planet to find out where the main hyper-casual enthusiasts are located

We invite you to join HGC India and Asia Edition, which will be held on February 3rd to 4th, 2022 in the online format, participation is free!

The conference will be held for two days with two stages, with speaking slots and panel discussions with industry leaders on various specialized topics:

  • Development basics and methods;
  • Games publishing & marketing (ad networks);
  • Success and failure cases;
  • Panel discussions by industry experts;
  • Market features for game development and publishing in India and Asia
  • NFT market and their prospects

The purpose of the event is to unite game developers companies with publishers and advertising platforms.
That’s why participation in the conference for development companies is absolutely free — tickets, speeches, activities.

The conference plans to bring together about 2500 participants from more than 90+ countries, about 700+ gaming brands and about 250+ HC Game Studios.

Everyone who is involved in hyper/hybrid-casual games: game studios, publishers, ad networks and platforms — hurry up to participate in the biggest event in hyper-casual niche!


Hyper Games Conference #4 (Online)