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Hypercasual goliath Voodoo is launching its own blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency

Approximately 10 blockchain games are currently in development
Hypercasual goliath Voodoo is launching its own blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency
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The French publisher of hypercasual games Voodoo has revealed Voodoo Infinity, its new blockchain ecosystem, and cryptocurrency Voodoo Coin along with it.

Expected to launch in Q3 2023, Voodoo’s new crypto is planned to be made available via an initial coin offering.

A working title

Voodoo Coin is the current working title for the company’s crypto, which will be used within upcoming blockchain games releasing throughout 2023 as a global ecosystem. As reported by The Big Whale, this cryptocurrency will enable access to paid segments of Voodoo’s blockchain games; players who miss out on the initial coin offering may also earn in-game rewards that can be converted into Voodoo Coins.

The publisher is expecting to rely primarily on a Discord community that has yet to be built, but that is planned to be ready by summer 2023.

"There will be an advantage to being part of this community because those who test the games in advance will be able to earn tokens in a privileged way," said Voodoo blockchain investment manager Yoni Lasry. "They can also receive NFTs."

Seeking to acquire such NFTs ahead of time, there are reportedly "major" players in Web3 already getting involved. As for the blockchain games themselves, there are said to be around 10 in development right now with three expected to be among the launch catalogue.

If all goes to plan, Voodoo Infinity will be launching as an app on the App Store and Google Play Store, and given that Voodoo tends to focus on the casual mobile playerbase, the company’s hope is that crypto advocates and the general public will both see the appeal in its upcoming titles.

It was revealed last February that, across the company's library of apps and games, Voodoo had surpassed six billion downloads. 1 billion of these were achieved within the nine months prior.

More recently, in December, Voodoo also reached a noteworthy milestone with its Academy programme.