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id Software keen to get involved with the iPhone

Back catalogue coming to App Store along with new IP
id Software keen to get involved with the iPhone

During an interview with MTV Multiplayer, id Software's Jon Carmack spoke about the company's plans for 2009, which includes working on a significant iPhone presence.

Carmack explains he's a big fan of Apple's gaming platform, and that an adaptation of the recent mobile phone hit, Wolfenstein RPG, is underway and should provide id's App Store debut within the next month.

He also speaks about his determination to bring other popularbrands from id Software's back catalogue to the iPhone, including conversions of Doom and Quake.

Home brew developers have already proven versions of Quake on the iPhone, so the higher production values of an established studio should prove the game more than viable on the handheld.

Apparently idd is also currently working with a software partner in Texas on a brand new iPhone property - designed from the ground up for the Apple system.