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Identity V prepares for the finals of the Call of The Abyss VI tournament

The event has a prize pool of $585 thousand
Identity V prepares for the finals of the Call of The Abyss VI tournament

NetEase Games is preparing to host the global finals of Call of The Abyss (COA) VI, the latest iteration of its annual tournament.

COA VI will be held from April 30 until May 3, with the finalists competing for a share of the $585 thousand prize pot. Twenty teams from six regions around the world took part in the qualifying round, with twelve continuing to the finals: eight teams from the Chinese mainland, three from Japan, and one from Southeast Asia.

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The finalists will compete concurrently in Tokyo and Hangzhou, with Tokyo’s Shinjuku Sumimoto Hall using the game’s starry sky theme on stage. Additionally, the venue will feature photo booths and vendors selling peripheral products, and benefits will be available for gans at both the online and in-person venues.

“NetEase Games is dedicated to providing players joyful gaming experiences,” said NetEase senior vice president Ethan Wang. “The Call of the Abyss VI Global Finals for Identity V is a perfect example of that, we are looking forward to welcoming elite teams from around the globe to enjoy the competition and share the glory!"

While Identity V has occasionally been criticised for its similarities to the hit game Dead by Daylight, there are several significant differences between the two, with Identity V utilising a whimsical, Tim Burton-esque art style which sets it apart from other games in the space. Notably, while other asymmetrical horror titles such as Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th have all been blocked from live streaming on Chinese site Bilibili, Identity V avoided this restriction, allowing it to thrive in the country’s streaming and esports scene where others may have struggled.

This success led to the game racking up over 100 million downloads by 2018, and has seen it receive crossovers with IPs such as the popular Danganronpa series.

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