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IMGA bringing its awards program to China for the first time

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IMGA bringing its awards program to China for the first time
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The Internatonal Mobile Gaming Awards has officially launched its program in China.

Previously, the IMGAs have run in the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia. After partnering with MIGU, the digital content arm of telecom carrier China Mobile, the event will head to China for the first time in 2016.

Local support

The event will be co-hosted by MyGamez, the publisher of foreign-developed mobile games in China, while winners will be provided resources for more effective distribution by Dazzle Interactve and WoStore.

"We are more than happy to introduce IMGA to China Mobile and to co-organize IMGA China events this year," commented Charles Chiang, COO of MyGamez.

"I think that China can benefit from IMGA China by discovering the best Chinese games, and global IMGA events can help MyGamez to identify the great foreign games for our China publishing business." 

Branching out

IMGA founder Maarten Noyons, who established the awards program back in 2004, is similarly excited to get it up and running in China.

“After the success of the IMGA across the US, Europe and beyond, we are proud to bring the IMGA to China," he said.

"We are looking forward to discovering the best games in China and surprising the world when we announce the winners of the first IMGA China by the end of this year.”

The inaugural IMGA China is now accepting submissions via its website.