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Immutable partners with Mineloader to speed up development of Guild of Guardians

Focusing on Web2 and Web3 aspects and economies
Immutable partners with Mineloader to speed up development of Guild of Guardians
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Mar 6, 2023 partnership Immutable Mineloader Not disclosed

Immutable Games Studio has announced a partnership with development studio Mineloader, who will be responsible for enhancements to the upcoming Web3 mobile RPG Guild of Guardians’ gameplay.

Being the primary development partner for Guild of Guardians, Mineloader will also assist with the in-game economy with a focus on its Web2 aspects. Immutable, meanwhile, will be focusing more on the Web3 components.

Speeding up the process

The start of a multi-year collaboration, Immutable and Mineloader hope to accelerate production and have Guild of Guardians released by the end of 2023. More than 1 million players have pre-registered for the game already, with the game having been anticipated for some years now.

"We are excited to bring Guild of Guardians to the market later this year, and our new strategic partnership with Mineloader will help get us there quickly and without compromising on quality," said Immutable Games CSO Justin Hulog.

By December 2021, Immutable had raised $18.8 million for the game across three rounds of NFT sales. When Guild of Guardians launches, it will be on its NFT platform Immutable X, which raised $60 million in Series B funding.

"We are obsessed with creating a Web3 game that is fun to play — which means we are unwavering in our commitment to quality and high standards at Immutable Games," Hulog commented.

"After our first conversation with Mineloader, we immediately knew their team had the same shared vision of the future of gaming and the incredible impact we know Web3 will have on the space as a whole. We believe that with Mineloader, we can deliver an incredible gaming experience that will propel the entire Web3 industry forward."

Mineloader has worked on titles for iOS, Android, and various consoles over the past 20 years. The company co-developed AAA games such as The Division 2 and Final Fantasy VII Remake, and has worked with developers like Square Enix, Capcom and Ubisoft.

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