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Independent developer RNG Studios lays off four employees

Current project has been put in hiatus
Independent developer RNG Studios lays off four employees
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Independent developer RNG Studios has cut its team in half after it laid off four people.

Speaking to, a spokesperson for the New-York based developer cited "budgeting concerns" as the reason for the staff cuts.

The studio's in-progress title Velumortis has been put on the shelf, as the company faces a financial struggle and restructuring.

A very difficult choice

"Issues arose during development with various contractor costs that delayed production," said the spokesperson.

"This resulted in the game needing a significant amount of writing and polish that is yet unfinished. We could not continue to financially support the needed development to get it to a point where it could be released to the public.

"This was a very difficult choice, particularly for a company as small as ours, and we wish our former team members the best on future endeavours."

Previously, the studio has released two titles on Mobile - Ya Gotta, Piñata and Postal Paws.