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Indie developers on considering diversity in your game's audience

Who's playing your game?
Indie developers on considering diversity in your game's audience

As part of the Indie Appocalypse track at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2016, Unity evangelist, Oscar Clark, led a panel talking about audiences and how you should think about them when making your game.

The panel consisted of:

Baglow, talking about the music industry, said that "it's an industry so set on self-destruction they make lemmings look care-free", as it neglects their audience that also play games, adding that 78% of people who read music magazines also play games but can't list many games that are considered "metal".

Orbaum has found it a struggle to find an audience for comedic games, as, in his words, "how do you be consistently funny?"

He also found it a challenge to work around the Let's Play community, as if they uploaded a whole comedy game to a channel, the game would lose its comedic appeal.

Baybutt, however, finds challenges identifying film fans who will want to play the game, while also appealing to people within the film industry who will play the game.

When asked to offer a piece of advice for developers, Funtikov suggested that you should "be your target audience", so you can understand them better.

Spaans, however, says to "look outside of the industry", and look for any untapped audiences that haven't been represented with games yet.